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[Mod Post] - Saturday News: December 27th


Or...or that doesn't actually make it all that different.

Anyway! It's that time again!

Saturday News: December 27th


In case you might've missed it, The Christmas OOC Post. In which you can discuss who received what or gave what to whom or just generally what happened with your chars on Christmas.

Jackson Family Drama

Update on the Steve situation! He eventually relented to their demands that he see a professional about his condition, and was assigned Leslie as a bodyguard of sorts to ensure he didn't go back on the agreement. He has come out of the ordeal suspicious of all purple-haired people, hating Duncan and Lilith, and believing Emi was somehow involved in the scheme to get him there. So uh, Missie, Leslie, Martin, you guys are basically the only ones he doesn't outright hate right now.

Oh yeah, and he called Duncan out on being a member of Team Rocket. Duncan was dismissive and there was no chance given for this to be discussed in any amount of detail. [Source] [Source]

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

Man, Rhaetia finds all the cool stuff! After stumbling across a gorgeous ice cavern in Seafoam, she shares a picture with the 'Net. Curiously, she mentions a Christmas party involving Jynx and eggnog...? In the Seafoam Caverns? Really? [Source]

A New Challenger Appears!

One Carpenter Rinfally has made an appearance on DexNet to wish people a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Happy Winter. It seems Adora Amos knew him, but he doesn't remember her. Rhaetia also seems to think his name is familiar. He also gets into a discussion with Lynea over why it's important to celebrate Christmas. [Source]

The Beginning of a Saga

The pidgey saga, that is. Ray announces his first badge win, from Cerulean Gym! Everest is quick to jump in about how pidgeys aren't anywhere near as cool as eevees and, predictably, as in any other situation involving Everest, fights erupt throughout the post. Jan Hart snags both Ray [Source] and Everest [Source] for personal interviews.

Everest mentioned having seen a mustard-coloured pidgey and Ray freaks out. Stacey comes in and demands to know where he saw it, but Everest refuses to be honest about it. [Source]

Plot Notes:

PETP's protests have died down and they've mostly filtered out. There is, of course, remaining commotion over those who have been arrested and had charges pressed against them, but this is a much less public affair.

Everest's mention of having seen a shiny pidgey is out there in the open, for anybody to see. Just figure out where he was when he saw it and you might be able to nab yourself a shiny! (If you want to be the one who catches it you'll have to ask a mod; we do want to be fair about this.)

On a completely unrelated note, Violet Gym has been left in the hands of a second-in-command indefinitely and Stacey is nowhere to be found.

[Edit] I FORGOT THIS, HOW?! Team Rocket. You are after this thing. SHINY POKEMON? HELL YES. If you're not undercover or assigned to another task (like, say, THE MEWTWO PROJECT cough Duncan and Vivaine cough) then you better be on this Pidgey.

I also forgot to mention that every available researcher at Saffron HQ has been temporarily tasked to the Mewtwo project for the coming week. Oh and you're not getting paid extra for working New Year's Eve, sorry. Enjoy your temporary new minions, Vivaine.
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