Gemma Skye Wallace (twintailhippie) wrote in catchafewooc,
Gemma Skye Wallace

[CR] Gemma Skye Wallace

Did you know that one in five Pokemon will die because of neglect or abuse by the hands of their very own, supposedly "loving" trainers?

Now that I have your attention, allow me to introduce myself! I'm Gemma Wallace, junior member of PETP, the People for Ethical Treatment of Pokemon. I'm sure most of you are trainers, and I definitely don't approve. I'll be working to convince you to change your abusive ways!

I'm from Sandgem Town in Sinnoh, but currently I've settled down in Vermilion City, at least for the time being. I travel a lot, because that's the best way to spread our message! My traveling buddy is Sally, my delibird. I never battle her or keep her in a PokeBall of course, because that's just cruel and I don't do cruel things to my friends.

So, who here do I know? Who here have I gotten into a heated argument with? Who here received a pamphlet from me and immediately tossed it into the nearest garbage bin? Who here actually agrees with what I have to say!? And don't accuse me of throwing any paint like some crazy people have already tried to do! While I agree with my brothers and sisters who were doing it, I never participated in that.
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