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[Mod Post] - Saturday News: January 3rd

I am posting this SLIGHTLY early because I don't see myself making time to do it after I get up!

OKAY WE HAVE ANOTHER REALLY SLOW WEEK. It is mostly for the following reasons:

Bugle is visiting Guindo IRL until January 12th and they are busy playing video games together like nerds. This puts Guindo (ME) into a semi-hiatus sort of status. I am still commenting on posts here and there but I'm not instigating anything or acting as a driving force. (Note how badly we seem to slow down when I stop doing that. Hmm.)

Catana, Yoiko, and a few others are seemingly still being eaten by holiday inactivity. Miko has only just now gotten a working computer since hers gave up on her a while ago.

So, I'm still doing a Saturday News here, but bear in mind it's incredibly short and nothing much at all has happened due to the above RL circumstances. It also means I'm not doing it in the usual format because there's not quite enough to warrant an article type format here.

Saturday News: January 3rd

Wild Kate appears! [Source] She appears asking for advice on charmanders and singe marks. Outlook not so good.

Leslie sort of complains about having to work on New Year's Eve at the Game Corner. Duncan REALLY complains about having to work New Year's Eve under Vivaine. [Source] (Fun fact: he was assigned to work on personality traits on the Mewtwo project. I wonder if this'll come up later. [Source])

And it seems Eve is headed for Cinnabar! [Source]

ALSO one Stacey Mitchell Gray has gone totally missing from Violet Gym, as mentioned previously. If you know what he looks like, you may have seen him on his way through Johto, to Kanto, toward Saffron. (He took the subway for the majority of the trip, but you still might've been able to catch him in certain cities along the way.)

Also, Everest claims to have seen that shiny pidgey somewhere east-ish of Saffron. [Source] So if you saw him say that, you are welcome to head out in that direction.

SPEAKING OF. Team Rocket dudes not on the project or undercover? You're still looking for that. THAT MEANS YOU, SHORTY AND MARTIN.
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