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So as mentioned by Rhaetia in this post, Articuno has seen fit to emerge from its hidey-hole in the Seafoam Islands, and go raging off with blizzards. It flew north, off in the direction of the mainland after blanketing Seafoam with a thick cover of snow - and the white stuff ain't about to stop falling anywhere Articuno flies over.

Basically, we're looking at a huge, disastrous blizzard, concentrated mostly around the area north of Seafoam. Hardest-hit cities are looking to be Fuchsia, Vermillion, Lavender, Saffron, Celadon, and Viridian. Heavy snows will also be falling in the rest of Kanto and eastern Johto; cities west of Goldenrod will get something of a wintery blast as well, but will be nowhere near approaching the emergency situation the other cities may be dealing with. Snow will continue falling until late tomorrow or the 15th, in droves.

Articuno will be visible in the skies tonight and tomorrow during the snowfall over the cities in the order roughly outlined above for any careful watchers, but won't get close enough to the ground to be captured, obviously.

Keep in mind it doesn't really snow all that much in Kanto and Johto to begin with, and people are unlikely to be prepared for it; for those nearest the epicentre, imagine the chaos if southern California was suddenly hit with three or four feet of snow, and run with that. :3
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Sunny, being the weather expert (?) and fieldtester of castform, will be out there trying his darndest to get castform to accomplish SOMETHING by casting sunny day over and over and over until castform gets STUCK in fire mode despite the blizzard. This is all very fascinating to him and he'll get loads of data for the weather institute. He'll then be helping Jennies by using castform to melt things that need to be melted and such. As best as an absentminded researcher like him can, anyway!

Steve will actually take Leslie up on his offer to stay at his house. (I really don't know how to play steve right now cause I need to do research on his condition still, so I'm just assuming he'll go into self preservation mode). Were he not seeing a therapist/under meds, he'd probably be out in the open trying to talk to the articuno, so, I guess this is lucky for him.

Everest will be complaining. Big surprise.

Stat, the badass ninja he is, won't change too much. Fuchsia gym will remain open for any refugees (even Rockets) who want to stay with him and the other ninja and gym challenges will not be allowed. The ninja are being VERY accomodating and will help the Jennies with the aftermath in Fuchsia. Stat will also continue his rounds in the Saffari zone to make sure everyone's okay there. In his normal clothes. Those who ask if he's cold will just get a smile (well, eye smile since he has a scarf) and no other response. He's actually VERY COLD, but hell if he'll admit it to anyone else >_> He has his image, man. Still, he's probably less cold than the average man. Like really uncomfortable as opposed to deathly frozen.


January 14 2009, 17:12:51 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  January 15 2009, 04:36:50 UTC

What city will Sunny be in? Vermilion's got the docks, so that'd be his port of entry.

(If you're having trouble figuring out how to play Steve now, maybe you should discuss it OOC with someone? Talk it out until you figure it out?)
I'm pretty sure the subways will still be running. I'm not exactly familiar with 1) subways or 2) cold weather, however, so somebody who is might want to check me on that.


January 14 2009, 18:30:47 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  January 14 2009, 18:31:20 UTC

All right. SO.

In blizzard conditions, subways might still be running due to the fact that they're typically underground. However, if part of the track is exposed to the open air, there might be a problem or a certain route might be shut down because a pipe burst somewhere further down the track and was causing the tunnel to flood. (Bursting pipes don't happen with insane amounts of frequency, mind, but if they freeze over, it's a potential hazard anywhere.)

So, in short, delays are likely. Some might be shut down completely, depending on track conditions.
Okay! So for the most part the subways are running just fine, but there might be delays on some routes.
Yup. :D
Pretty much! Even when we had our huge dumping of snow, our Skytrain system (which is basically a subway that's almost all above-ground - over buildings and such) was kept running. There were huge delays and some portions of the track did have to be shut down, though, when trees started falling across them and stuff like that. XD

Also, way more people tend to take transit when it's snowing, just because driving is that much more hazardous, so there'll likely be delays just from that alone.
Off-topic, but I've always wanted to see the Skytrain system. XD
Hehe, it's pretty neat. Way better view from it than looking out Subway windows!
That sounds like something FROM THE FUTURE.

(I'm too lazy to switch to my personal LJ. XD;)
Why look at that, SO AM I!

It's actually been in use since 1986, hehe.