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[Mod Post] - Saturday News: January 17th

Man I forgot it was Saturday!

Saturday News: January 17th

Guindo flips out an yells at his players! He immediately feels guilty about it but at least it seems to have gotten something done.

Some of you guys don't show up in the IRC very often or at all, and at least one person has cited this as being detrimental to gameplay. Somebody suggests having an OOC AIMchat in addition to the IRC. How many of you would be interested in this?

On to game news:


The one on everyone's mind! Rhaetia posts pictures of her Articuno sighting, snapped when it woke up and flew out of Seamfoam. It then began its journey across Kanto and Johto, causing blizzards across the entire continent.

The most severely hit areas are: Fuchsia, Vermillion, Lavender, Saffron, Celadon, and Viridian. Saffron was hit so badly by it that they experienced a city-wide blackout lasting several hours, most homes even losing their heating. Even after power was restored, area blackouts continued. Basically, if you are in Saffron, for about two or three days after the blizzard hit you should expect a periodic blackouts in your area. (If you're from Davis-era California, this should be familiar to you!)

The aforementioned cities received several feet of snow and there are a lot of problems going down because of this. It rarely, if ever, snows in Kanto or Johto! So most people don't know how to drive in the snow (which is even worse on the motorcycles and vespas which are the common mode of transport here), and rescue teams aren't quite sure how to handle a lot of what's going on. The Jennies are working overtime and sadly so are the Joys.

Outside of those cities mentioned by name, snowfall was much less devastating, but no less surprising. Kanto bore the brunt of Articuno's blizzard, and Johto's snowfall was comparatively light. There are still issues in less urban areas of Johto, where there are fewer people available to tackle public works.

For more info, see [OOC post 1] and [OOC post 2].

The ghost of Marowak past

REMEMBER THAT MAROWAK SKULL PLOT? Players had some trouble getting together to discuss the final installment, but it's finally happening [here]. If you have an interest in it, keep an eye on that post!


Dyed his hair purple =|! [Source] [Source]
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