Dragonfire (magedragonfire) wrote in catchafewooc,

Bye-bye, birdie!

Articuno has flown off into the great blue yonder - for now. People along the eastern sections of Johto may have seen it veer off towards the south, after it flew past Goldenrod.

The Articuno-induced snow has pretty much ceased to fall in Kanto, and is easing up in Johto. Don't think it's the end of things quite yet, though - there's still piles of snow everywhere, traveling is a bad idea via any form of transportation, and temperatures are still well below freezing outside. Emergency crews have been mobilized where possible to try and clear things up, but they can only do so much at a time.

Also, sorry Saffron-peeps, but power all over the city just went out due to massive overuse of the system combined with downed lines and lack of service personnel able to attend to them. Hospitals and PokéCenters are on backup generators, but just about everyone else has nothing but telephone service - and no heat. The subway system has ceased to run through Saffron because of this, so underground traffic in eastern Kanto is about to experience some pretty heavy congestion.

DexNet should still work, though - the wireless tower is on another grid outside of the city. Have fun!
Tags: legendary mayhem, mod post, plot
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