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[Game Information] - Rules

Read 'em and follow, folks.


1. We understand that Pokémon is a fandom kinda geared towards kidlets, and is celebrated the world over. That said, our game's in English, and we expect you to have decent writing skills in the language. Good grammar and spelling, in logs at least, please! Use a checker if y'have to. The occasional typo is okay, but if ur rightin evryting lyk dis, it's not.

2. Keep your OOC comments out of the IC communities! That's what we've got IMs and IRC for.

3. All content game-wise must adhere to a PG-13 rating at most. We don't mind some amounts of violence, in particular, but sex? This's Pokémon, for cryin' out loud. Nothing graphic. Fade to black if it must occur.

4. Don't be a dick. This means no powerplaying, godmoding (without consent), or randomly decapitating people or raping them with metal spikes. No.

5. In character actions = in character consequences. If you don't want your Team Rocket spy arrested, it might be a good idea to have them not go blabbing about their occupation to Tom, Dick, and Jane. Don't come crying to us if you mess up something you did ICly.

6. If you do anything that involves another player's character - start a plot that will affect them, say, or create a familial connection - check with all other involved players first to make sure you're not crossing any lines.

7. If you have issues with another player, keep them OOC - don't be dragging grudges in-game. For that matter, if you have a dispute with another player about something in-game, please come talk to the moderators, and we will try to help you sort out the problem.

8. We do not have any limits on how many characters you can apply for, but don't take on any more than you can handle. If you start ignoring a bunch of the ones you've created that are supposed to be active, we may start ignoring apps if you start applying for more.
You may only apply for one restricted character class at a time, however - no having two gym leaders at the same time, for example.

9. Things come up in life; we understand this! There are no hard consequences for suddenly vanishing, but please try to keep us on top of when you're going on hiatus or aren't going to be posting much. It's only polite.
If you're completely inactive for more than a month, we'll be poking at you to find out whether you want to stay in the game or not. If you don't respond, we'll note your characters as being inactive, but you're free to come back and pick them up again when you want.


1. All entries made to the main DexNet community should be in the first person. Think of it as a message board or instant messenger, eh? You're probably not going to be using the third person in one of those.

2. As an extension of rule 1, why yes, it really is a message board! Netspeak, emoticons, drawings, and *waves!* actions are allowable, as it's what your characters are typing (or linking). Just be warned that some characters might beat your character's head in if they type entirely in 1337sp33k. (In fact, I might beat your character's head in.)
Any posts made by the voice system, however, will automatically have correct spelling and capitalization.

3. One day of game time is equal to one day of real time. Actual units of time-measurement below that are variable, so long as messages are posted in a chronological order.

4. Most Pokémon battles - anything at the gym level or below - that occur between your character and other characters are to be decided between the two (or three/four/whatever) of you. This is not to say that a gym leader's player can decide that they will never lose a battle, for example; that's just unfair, right there. The mods will step in if we see this happening, and there will be consequences.
If you get really stuck and can't come to a decision, consult a mod! We're neutral third parties. :D
Important battles such as major tournaments and championships, however, will be monitored and judged by the moderators.

5. When signing up for your character's Livejournal, put whatever name is on their License (their registration name) into the Name field of their profile. This allows their name to be connected to posts that they make.

PBs and Icons!

All characters must have a drawn PB, anime or manga, comic or cartoon. Self-drawn PBs are also accepted. PBs must be unique: two characters cannot have the same PB.

The default icon for DexNet entries will be your trainer's Pokémon License photo. Your icons do not need to all be of your PB. Trainers can make their own icons for use on the forums, but their default will always be their license photo.

From the DexNet information post: "trainers can manually set specific photos to accompany certain posts, or turn on the PokéDex's minicam to post with their appearance at the time." Icons are IC, visible by other characters. Just don't think about it too hard.

EXCEPTIONS: Jenny and Joy characters. Characters from these families may use the Pokémon canon Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny as their PBs and these can be shared between several Jennies or Joys. They are not required to use Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny as a PB (but whatever PB they do use should fit the physical description of Jennies and Joys), but if they do use these PBs then they don't need to worry about finding a unique PB.

DexNet Forum Functions!

PMing other trainers is possible if one knows the registration name of the trainer they are PMing. PMs will have the name of the target in the subjectline and will only be able to be seen by the sender and intended target. All PMs must happen in seperate posts.

All posts by a trainer are also marked with the trainer's registered name.

Users can voice post. These are not designated any differently from normal posts. Voice recognition will only work for the registered user of that PokéDex and voice posts will not pick up outside sounds.

Normal messages posted to the DexNet system can later be edited by the characters they were posted by, but the text of the original post must be kept in the message, in a format such as:

Eh, nevermind.

[Original message contents: Does anyone know how you remove bloodstains from a microwave's insides without frying it even more?]

Keep in mind that, unless the edit happened right away in IC-time, some characters probably know what the content of the original message was!

Private messages, however, cannot be edited once they are sent to another character.

Ancients and Legendaries!

Any Pokémon with its rarity listed as Ancient or Legendary cannot be owned by trainers. Legendaries are like bigfoot: people claim they've seen them, but people don't generally believe them. Ancients are extinct and exist only in fossil form.

Mewtwo does not exist yet.
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